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The Path to Sustainable Future

Agriculture wastes from processed products must be appropriately eliminated. If these wastes are not dealt with properly, they may have a direct impact on our lives and the environment.

As a result, many Farmers and Fruit processing manufacturers are forced to spend a significant sum of money in order to dispose of the waste.

UPCYDE would like to reduce this cost.
By recycling the wastes, the burden will be lessened. Moreover, it could also be a new source of income for farmers who would like to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Better for Farmers, Better for the Planet

We could make use of all the waste in the whole chain. Additionally, the development of new material could bring value to the chain and farmers
as a result of this transformation.


Innovation - Driven Solutions

Our solution is to create an agricultural waste transformation or upcycle. By designing suitable products and properly managing the supply chain from upstream to downstream.


We, as experts in both innovation and design, perceive an opportunity from our global client base due to the fact that our company has more than 30 years of experience and Data
in the fashion industry.

Next Generation Technologies

We have conducted preliminary research on our solution. Our method appears

to be effective, and the products are

in high demand on the market.

                         " Transformation "


The world is upside down.
Let 's UPCYDE to bring the right side up !



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Prototype launching !

By recycling and innovating, we come up with valuable products from these wastes




innovative materials

As a result, we believe that our goods have a chance of achieving product-market fit.

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